Measure and predict the effectiveness of marketing.

powered by state of the art Cognitive Computing and Artificial Intelligence.

The AI for measuring Marketing Effect

Media Science processes data at massive scale and in real-time to provide a unified view of the change and velocity shift in your marketing campaigns across all media platforms.

Measure Financial Performance

Measure the financial performance of your campaigns and track spend for internal, creative agency, media agency, and dynamic media spend in real-time. Choose from multiple ROI models.

Get real-time Rankings

Explore real-time rankings of performance and impact for your campaigns and the activities that make the campaign. Track reach, engagement, conversion, and loyalty.

Track the Impact Trajectory

Track the impact trajectory of your campaigns and media investments and see the unified view of change across every marketing activity.

Get Campaign Insights

A dynamic data exploration and discovery tool to highlight the key trends in ads and campaigns for any time period.

Detect Correlations

Detecting a mutual relationship or connection
between two or more things for reach, engagement, conversion, and loyalty.

Understand Causation

Understand which marketing events are the result of the occurence of other events. The "Cause and Effect" for activities, campaigns, and brands.

Explore Media Science

Discover more about how we can help measure and predict the effectiveness of marketing to anticipate and immediately react to your campaign demands.

Product Features

Powered by AI.

Media Science uses the latest advances in Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning to create human intelligence at machine-scale for your marketing campaigns.

Natural Language Understanding

State of the art natural language processing for opinion and feedback analysis with support for 100+ languages in Sentiment and Entity Detection.

Prediction and Forecasting

Strategic market insights and trend detection using state of the art AI.